Current Sermon Series

We Are Not Currently In A Sermon Series. 

Currently Pastor Mike is preaching individual, stand alone, sermons. He will be starting a new series soon. We hope you will join us each week at 10:30AM for worship on-site in our Sancutary. If you are unable to attend, please enjoy the audio or video sermons below.

Most Recent Sermons


God Remembered

In our first service back after being closed for in person services due to COVID-19, Pastor Mike shares with us that "God Remembered." In this sermon we look at Noah and his long year and 17 days on the ark and how it would have been easy for him to feel forgotten and alone. But Genesis 8:1 tells us that, "But God remembered Noah..." What a joy and encouragement it is to know that our God always remembers us no matter our situation or circumstances. Just as God remembered Noah, He will remember you too!


Lies We Believe: Misconceptions About Faith

There are certain lies that too many people have bought into, lies that the enemy would like for us to believe about faith and what it means to be a Christian. Lies like: "I have messed up too much for God to love me" or "I am having struggles in life, so I must have messed up somehow." These lies work in two ways: 1) keep us from coming to Christ in the first place and 2) disrupt our relationship with Christ or prevent it from growing deeper. In this sermon Pastor Mike exposes these common lies and sheds the light of Truth on them from God's Word.


Memorial Day: Never Forget

On this Memorial Day we remember those who willingly gave their lives so that we might have the freedoms we enjoy. Pastor Mike compares never forgetting their sacrifice with never forgetting what God has done for us. In one event from the Bible, God stopped the Jordan River from flowing and allowed Joshua and the Israelites to cross on dry ground. They set up a memorial of twelve stones to always remember what God had done and so future genterations would ask, "What do these stones mean?"


The Great Commision

One of the most well known post resurrection appearances happened shortly before Christ's ascention. In this Encounter with the Resurrected Christ, Jesus gives His disciples what has come to be known as the Great Commission. That commission along with the promise attached to it was not just for the immediat hears, but is also for all believers and the church today. We are to take the message of Christ to all nations under the authority of Jesus with the promise that He is with us always.


A Mother's Influence

In this special Mother's Day sermon, Pastor Mike takes a break from our Encounters with the Resurrected Christ Series and talks about a mother's influence. The Biblical text comes from the book of 2 Timothy where the Apostle Paul commends the godly influence that Timothy's mother, Eunice, as well as his grandmother Lois had on him. Not just moms, but all of us are called to be examples of true faith and have a godly influence on those that God has placed in our lives.