Upcoming Sunday Series

Five Smooth Stones (February 5th thru February 26th, 2022)

What is Christmas really all about? Each year, the culture focuses on gifts under the tree, meals around the table, family spending time together and hopes of winter weather. These all certainly play a part in the most wonderful time of year, but there is something else that is at the heart of the Christmas season. The Bible tells us that the real reason to celebrate is the saving grace offered to us through the birth, life and death of God’s son, Jesus. The Heart of Christmas is a five-sermon advent series centered on the story of Christ’s birth. From the prophetic promise of His coming to His miraculous arrival, the advent themes of hope, peace, joy and love will help you prepare for Christmas by getting to the heart of the holiday. We pray this 5-week series will make your Christmas season shine brighter and bring you closer to our Savior born to redeem us and make us part of God's family! Come join us each Sunday at 10:30AM for worship or you can join the service via Facebook Live from Crosspointe's Facebook page.

Coming Soon: The Chosen Season Two Bible Study

The Chosen - Season 2 (Wednesday, March 8th thru Wednesday, July 19th 2023)

Over the past few years, a ground breaking, streaming television series about the life and ministry of Jesus Christ has been impacting people with the Gospel message. The name of this show is "The Chosen." To be clear, this show does NOT and should NOT take the place of actually reading God's Word, but it does help bring it's message off the pages and to life; helping people get a better picture of God's Son. The creators of the show have written an interactive bible study to go along with each episode of the Chosen as well as the scriptures upon which each episode is based. We went through the season one bible study and everyone enjoyed it so much that we are going to go through season two and the bible study that follows along with it. We will alternate between the video and the lesson. We will watch the episode for a particular lesson one week, and then the following week we will do the lesson that goes with the episode. We hope you will join us for this unique Bible study and come to a greater knowledge of our amazing Savior, Jesus Christ. Workbooks will be $5 each.