Current Sermon Series

Fear Not (August 7th thru August 28th, 2022)

It’s no secret that fear is a pervasive issue in our culture. Fear can be crippling, demoralizing, and exhausting to deal with it. Add to it things like anxiety, discouragement, doubt and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. With so many possibilities and avenues for affliction, oppression, and horrible life-altering events it can feel a bit like life is spent simply going from adversity to adversity. But what if there was a better way to live? A healthier option to choose from the proverbial buffet of life? With our new series "Fear Not", each week we will work through fear together and learn how people like the Apostle Paul, Joshua, and even Jesus dealt with fear. We pray this 4-week series will leave you encouraged and equipped to step confidently into an unpredictable world. Come join us each Sunday at 10:30AM for worship or you can join the service via Facebook Live from Crosspointe's Facebook page.

Some Past Sermons to Enjoy


Instruction Manual For Hard Times

We live in difficult and dangerous times. Whether it is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, political and racial tension, or just simply the pressures of life and the plague of sin that is running rampant in the world. Because of all those things and more, we can find our "Faith Under Pressure." This new sermon series based on the Book of James gives us hope and instruction on how we as believers can face hard times. In this first sermon we look at James 1:2-4 and how we can rejoice even in the middle of trials.


Gift Of Freedom

In this Patriotic sermon, Pastor Mike touches on our country's heritage and examines the cost that brought our nation its freedom. But for more than 2,000 years there has been another war involving our freedom; the war God has waged against sin. Men and women have given there lives to secure our nation's freedom; but Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price to give us the gift of ultimiate freedom. We seek for freedom through so many avenues that only lead to us finding ourselves in a pit. Only God can set us free by the precious blood of Jesus Christ!


Walking Before God

We have all heard the phrase, "actions speak louder than words." We are called to be witnesses and messengers of God's love while we live in this world; but our testimony needs to go way beyond just our words. We have to "walk the walk" as well as "talk the talk." Pastor Mike looks at some of Paul's instructions from the Book of Ephesians in this sermon about "Walking Before God." In this sermon we see that the Christian's walk (our daily conduct) is more important than the Christian's talk. Our walk authenticates our talk.


The Father's Love

Father's Day is a time that we honor our Dads, but it is also a great time to worship and recognize God as our Heavenly Father. In this sermon from Luke 15:11-24, Pastor Mike looks at one of the most beautiful pictures of God as our Father and the love that He has for us. This sermon goes deeper and examines the Father from the well know parable about the Prodigal Son. When you look closely at the passage, it becomes wonderfully clear that God absolutely loves us!


Heaven Focused

As Christians, why do we do the things we do? Why do we live the way we do? Pastor Mike answers these questions from God's Word in this sermon titled "Heaven Focused." As believers, we have this Hope that there is a world beyond this one, an eternal world. In this sermon we take a close look at Hebrews 11:13-16 and how that Christians don't really belong in this world, it is not our home. We are just temporary residents here making our way to our Heavenly home.